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"How I Got Involved With Multiple Scleroris
and Why I Care So Much About Your Recovery"

by Dr. Rudy Cartwright


Hi there,

     It’s Dr. Rudy Cartwright, the MS Health Coach. I’m a brain surgeon with over 35 years of training and experience.  I’m also an expert in Multiple Sclerosis.  And if you’re wondering what a brain surgeon knows about MS, well...the same damage that happens to the brain instantly in a car accident or fall, happens in MS – the damage is just over a longer period of time. 

     Now...much like yourself, I never set out in life intending to learn a thing about MS.  I care deeply for every single patient I’ve ever had but Multiple Sclerosis was just not going to be my area of expertise.  It just wasn’t part of ‘the plan’.

Sound familiar?

Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Planned Them To...

     Then my daughter-in-law received her MS diagnosis.  To this day, all I see is a beautiful young woman, an extremely intelligent and competent doctor in her own right.  She is grace personified, I swear.  I have also seen her suffer.  I have seen the pain.  I know the confusion.  The unexpected drops in energy.  The sudden loss of balance.  The doubt....but above all, the uncertainty.  For me that was the worst.  Watching this wonderful and fully capable woman suddenly doubt herself with even the smallest thing – this was devastating.

     I know she wondered, as you probably do...Did I just have a bad night last night, or is it MS?  Is my body fatigued from a full day, or is it MS?  Have I misplaced my keys because, well, that’s a pretty normal thing in life, or is it MS?  Did my vision just get blurry, or am I just imagining it?  The PTA needs volunteers afterschool, will I have the energy?  Am I useless?

These doubts are deadly.

     I know very well the depression that follows.  As a brain surgeon I uniquely understand how much worse physical ailments become when combined with a loss of mental health.  I’ve never understood why people, and I mean all of us, always feel like we have to face these challenges on our own.  It’s horrible.

     As I’ve said, I’ve been a doctor now for well over 35 years.  If there’s anything doctors absolutely do not allow, it’s the loss of hope.  We’re realistic.  We absolutely have to be.  We face the facts.  We accept them.  We generate plans of action based on factual understandings of the workings of disease, whatever the disease.  We do NOT lose hope.  We do NOT lose faith in the science of medicine and the body’s ability to heal.  So let me tell you, as plain as I can:
There is hope!

You CAN Get Rid Of Your MS Symptoms...
And Get Back To Doing All The Things You Used To Love Doing!

     The pain, numbness and tingling you experience can be reduced...or disappear completely.  You can pick up your child again.  You will have the energy to drive your kids to school and be there for them when they get home.  The extra-sensitivity does not have to happen.  You can play your favorite sport.  You can work full time.  You will have a healthy sex life again.  You will finish your degree.  You will arrange your life around your hopes and dreams.  You won’t have to worry about pee-ing on yourself in public.  You will again become a full and active member of your community.  The emptiness will be gone.  The migraines will not be missed.  You can stand and be counted as a person who faced the facts, followed a plan, and claimed the life that is rightfully yours.

Your life is yours.

     My daughter-in-law’s life changed with her MS diagnosis.  She was right in the middle of a hard medical school program and she had to work twice as hard as everyone else because of the brain fog.  Her life, as she had lived before, ended.  She became her disease.  Her definition of self began and ended with Multiple Sclerosis.  Because I couldn’t just stand by and watch her and her family endure this debilitating change, I had to join the fight.  I knew there had to be a better way.

     I had access to weapons she simply did not.  I had 35 years of experience she didn’t have yet.  I had the medical journals.  I am welcome into medical libraries.  I can participate in any conference I want to attend.  I already understand the language.  I don’t need a dictionary with me when doctors speak.  The medical words are familiar to me and translating them is something I’ve been doing for my own patients for years.

     I studied the approaches other doctors were taking.  I reviewed the outcomes of drug trials.  I wasn’t interested in only learning where the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis was at today.  I needed to know how it got there.  I needed to understand where and how these treatments were both the same as, and different to, other approaches practiced all over the world.

     I developed a plan for my daughter-in-law that was specific to the symptoms she was experiencing.  It didn’t replace what her doctors were already telling her, but it added to the path of her treatment.  Her diet changed.  Her physical activity was adjusted.  Her regimen of daily medicine was tweaked, and some drugs were even discarded.


Your Goal Is To Live A Happy, Symptom-Free Life!  But How...?!?

     My daughter-in-law began to see significant improvement in her daily life.  Some effects were immediate.  Most of them, and I really do mean most of her improvement, occurred over several months.  Like any treatment regimen there were setbacks that forced me into further research...and that itself took more time.  There never was, and there never will be, a ‘silver bullet’ that allowed my daughter-in-law to get her life back.

     Slowly, we developed a plan that worked for her.  We were able to address every symptom she experienced.  And I’m proud to say that she was able to finish her extremely hard medical school program.  She now works full time.  Is she cured?  Of course not.  Does she have her life back?  Absolutely.

     What I’m offering you is hope...because I know you CAN get better.  I’ve seen my daughter-in-law get better with the right information and I know the same will be true for you...with the right information.  What I’m not offering you is an easy solution.  Anything worth having requires work...and getting your life back is definitely “worth having!” 

     Multiple Sclerosis is a complicated disease and the plan developed for your success will have to be followed for a lifetime.  All relationships require nurturing and renewal.  As you get better and reclaim your life, your relationship with MS will evolve.  One thing will remain constant.  You will live your life on your terms.  You are not your disease.  You never were!

   "Stengthen Your HEALTH Side to Beat Your Disease Side!"

     Over the years, I’ve collected and studied a lot of information that can be adapted for anyone into an actionable plan of treatment.  I call this the Hybrid Approach to MS.  It is a special method of treatment that does not in any way discount the usefulness of current medicine.  What this special plan does is help your body strengthen the “health” side of you so it can keep the disease side under control...not the other way around like it is now with you and your MS.

The Hybrid Approach works.

     I’ve done all the research for you.  Everyone’s MS symptoms are different.  Everyone needs an approach that works for them.  It will involve changes to your diet, some exercise, a supportive and understanding group of friends and family.  It is a journey that you absolutely do not have to take alone.  There are many other people out there who have used this approach with success.  Let me tell you what I’ve created for you that has worked so well for other MS recoverers.

The Secret To Finally Getting
Rid Of Your Symptoms Is OUT -- LISTEN UP!!

     I’ve developed a 24-week online health coaching course specifically designed to help you get rid of your MS symptoms and get back to doing all the things you used to love doing.  Every week you will receive a new health training session that goes over all of the MS symptoms, their causes, and specifically what you can do about them.  You’ll watch your training sessions inside a Private Member’s Area that you’ll have access to 24/7. During the sessions you’ll discover:

  • How to get rid of your fatigue
  • How to stop your pain, tingling & numbness
  • How to clear up your balance, vision, & bowel / bladder problems
  • ...and so much more!  [Please see insert for all training topics]

 We discuss all of the major MS symptoms and additional topics including spasticity, depression, brain fog, heat intolerance, sleep problems, sexual problems, loss of memory and more.
Most importantly, we tell you exactly what you need to do to get rid of these symptoms that are making you go downhill.  We give you weekly “action steps” that will take care of the root of these problems so you can get back to doing all the things you used to doing.  We bring in guest lecturers to explore different dietary options, to discuss managing and reducing stress, and to cope with both the expected and unexpected changes that occur after diagnosis. 

     We also do a drug spotlight on all the major MS medications.  This lets you know what the drugs you’re taking are supposed to do...so you know if they are working or not.

At This Stage Of Your Life, You Truly Deserve To Be
Healthy And Happy... Don’t You Agree?!

     In short, we connect you with a whole community of doctors and individuals who can and will support you on your journey to better health and a better life.  Not only will you regain the energy and enthusiasm to play with your children afterschool, you will be able to pickup, hold, and care for your grandchildren.  You will be able to walk (without a walker or wheelchair) into every reunion that you ever attend.  You will reflexively say “yes” to new and exciting activities!  Dedicate yourself to learning everything you need to know now, before it’s too late, and you will live the life of your dreams!

     If this sounds like the kind of MS information you’ve been looking for, I invite you to check out a short video presentation about the top 3 things you need to start doing RIGHT NOW to get rid of your MS symptoms [hint: it’s not what you think!].

    To watch the presentation, simply click here!

     The presentation is by my son Scott who has a Master’s Degree in Public Health.  The two of us work together to bring new information to MS recoverers like you. 

     The video presentation will also give you more information about my 24 week course and the amazing bonuses (like a great MS cookbook) you get just for trying it out.

And if you’re wondering about the cost of the course, we let you know the price in the presentation...but I’ll go ahead and spill the beans now and let you know that you get try it out for less than 16¢ (cents!) a day.

     This is a limited time offer and after all the spots fill up, we will have to remove the course.  We like to take good care of all our students and we’ve found that we can’t give you the attention you deserve when too many MS recoverers are taking the course.

     If this course sounds like something you’re interested in,
I recommend click on this link right now!

     You do not have to become your disease.  Before the diagnosis, Multiple Sclerosis was not who you were.  That has not changed.  You have a relationship with MS, and you always will, but you are not MS.  Like any other relationship, it can either be a fulfilling, affirming, and life rewarding experience, or co-dependent downward spiral.  I already know which option you will choose.

I look forward to working with you and to helping you get rid of your MS symptoms.

When you know better, you get better...and you CAN and WILL get better!

To Your Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

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