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Dr. Rudolph Cartwright
who is
a leading Neurosurgeon
and MS Specialist


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“NOTICE”: If you or someone you know or love is suffering from MS, then you owe it to yourself to read each and every word of this letter. Why? Because I want to show you….


I’ll Tell You How I Broke Away From The Devastating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and How I’ve Achieved Remarkable Results. I’m Now in Total Remission, Symptom-Free and Leading A Normal Life Again.

From: Sue Ellen Dickinson

Hi, my name is Sue Ellen Dickinson, and I had Multiple

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That's right, I say "HAD" Multiple Sclerosis because I’m no longer bothered by crippling symptoms, and today I lead a completely normal life.

I did it by applying the same information that I want to share with you.

And this is information you may also have been searching for.

Read on, and I'll show you that I'm living proof, and how I've been able to return to good health from the secondary progressive stage of MS, despite the odds that were dead set against me.

No one should have to suffer the symptoms of MS.

I’ll share with you exactly how I did it. Starting with how I was able to help repair damage done to my body by this monster disease, so that I could eventually get better again.

I’m offering this same information I found, which I believe literally saved my life.

Now, I'm not telling you what to do. But what I am doing, is showing you what I did and sharing this information based on the benefits of my own experience, and how it worked for me. Whatever decisions you choose to make are completely up to you.

But before I share this infomation with you, I'd like to GIVE you
two extremely IMPORTANT special reports absolutely FREE.



How to Avoid the Five Deadly Mistakes
99.7% of People Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Make That Destroys ANY Chance of Living a NORMAL Life!

By Dr. Rudy Cartwright

Dr. Rudolph (“Rudy”) Cartwright is a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) with over 35 years of experience and is an expert in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

He became intimately involved with MS when his daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS several years ago. She was a lot like you… she wanted to have more energy & less fatigue, she wanted to be symptom-free and not feel so depressed all the time. She basically wanted to get her life back.

Dr. Cartwright couldn’t sit around and let things get worse so he went into “over-drive” and researched like a mad man and discovered all the hidden secrets out there about MS.

He developed a program for her to follow and explained to her why all these things were important. And she got better and was able to finish medical school.

At this point, Dr. Cartwright’s son, Scott, started telling him how silly it was that he wasn’t sharing this information with others out there with MS. Scott was happy that his dad had helped his wife but he knew there were thousands of you out there who could benefit from all his knowledge.

After much convincing, Dr. Cartwright decided to share his knowledge with others, and the first step is this report.




“SIX THINGS YOUR DOCTOR WON’T TELL YOU About Multiple Sclerosis and How They Can Change Your Life FOREVER!”

By Sue Ellen Dickinson

It is possible to beat this monster disease! I'm living proof!

The fact is that I was able to break away from the devastating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and I have achieved remarkable results. For many, many years now I've been in total remission, symptom-free and leading a normal life. You will learn my complete story once you get past this page.

That's why I created this special report that will give you the first 6 things you need to know to start you journey on the road to getting better (or making sure you don't get worse).

In my special report I will cover:

  • How Your Immune System Works... The Real Story (and why that's important)
  • Forbidden Facts about MS that you need to know.
  • Are drugs really helping you?
  • Daring to believe that you CAN get well.
  • It's NEVER too late. You can turn your health around and lead a normal life.
  • Why just put band-aids on your MS symptoms when you can make permanent changes.

To Receive These Two Very Special Reports Simply Enter Your Name and Email Address Below

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from me. You don't want to miss out on those!

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Sue Ellen BeforeI’ve been there… right where you are now, and I know exactly what you’re going through.

I understand your fear and frustration, and how terrifying MS can be, and the uncertainty of your future.

I know how difficult it is for you to just make it to the end of every day.

I know the pain you’re experiencing emotionally and physically, and how trapped you must feel.

I understand what you may be going through with the people closest to you, friends and family, and the frustration and problems MS is probably causing in those relationships.

And I understand only too well how depressed and isolated and alone you must feel at times.

Sue Ellen at her worst.

I know all this and more because I’ve been there, right where you are now… suffering from the devastating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

And just like you, I’ve lived with all these symptoms…

  • Difficulty walking
  • Blurred vision and photophobia
  • Chronic fatigue, day in and day out
  • Sensivity to light, sun and heat (I live in Florida, and the heat in the summertime really got to me)
  • Flashes of light in front of my eyes that unexpectedly came out of nowhere and drove me crazy
  • Debilitating muscle weakness all over my body… especially my legs
  • Painful, even embarrassing muscle spasms
  • Loss of muscle coordination overall
  • Numbness, especially hands, legs and feet
  • Tingling all throughout my body
  • Slurred speech and stuttering
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of the use of my legs
  • Loss of depth perception
  • Loss of my sense of taste
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Bowel and urinary incontinence
  • Partial paralysis

If you have doubts about my story click here.

OK, this is the bad news. But the good news is that I have my health back. I have answers to the problems I had, and I want to share them with you. So, right about now you're probably asking yourself...."How'd she do it?"


First, let’s go straight to the bottom line and face the real, honest truth about Multiple Sclerosis. There is no known cure for MS. This is a fact, and it’s common knowledge.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans alone, acknowledge that they have Multiple Sclerosis, but some neurologists say that number could actually top a million or more. 

OK, so if there's no cure, then what's the point here? How was I able to throw away my cane, learn how to stand up straight again, walk normally again and eventually get well?

Good question, and you’ll find the answer even more interesting.

The fact is, I found out that there isn't any ONE specific thing that's going to fix the problem. There's no 'magic bullet'. Believe it or not, experts say, the body has a natural 'blueprint' that it will follow to heal itself in order to keep us in good health....as long as we give it a chance.

By supporting the body in this way, it's given the opportunity to 'read the blueprint', they say, and follow its' natural process and design that we were born with.

Because this is a ‘process’, I decided the best way to share this information was to put it all down on paper, so I wrote a book called "No More MS, My Journey Back To Life"

ms symptoms and treatment

If you have doubts about my story click here.

Now, I'm not going to give you medical advice. That's not my intention here. I'm simply sharing this information with you based on my own experience. 

And I can't guarantee what YOUR results will be.

Let me make this perfectly clear. I'm not a doctor, nurse or expert in the medical field, or any other related field, and I never will be. So this is not medical advice. 

But what I am an expert in, is the experience of having gone through the horrifying symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, and lived to tell about it. And that's exactly what I'm doing. In this ebook, I'm sharing my experience and this information.

The Answers You Need At Your Finger Tips

In my book, I've written out in easy to understand, and in step by step detail exactly what I did and how I did it. And this is based on the first hand experience of someone who's been in the secondary progressive stage of MS, and lived to tell about it.

You see, only a few short years ago I was just like you…sick and tired of being sick and tired of having to deal day after day with the horrible symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and what it had done to my life. And I just kept getting worse. In fact, it was killing me. I was in the secondary progressive stage, and dying from MS.

MS had STOLEN my life right out from under me, and I thought there was no hope left. But I couldn’t have been more WRONG!

In my ebook, "No More MS, My Journey Back To Life" I'll tell you how I was able to...

  • Help Stop Chronic Fatigue
  • Help Regain Overall Body Strength
  • Help Regain Muscle Coordination
  • Start Getting Rid of Numbness and Tingling
  • Get Back more normal use of My Hands, Arms and Legs
  • Help Eliminate Pain
  • Improve Vision Problems
  • Improve Slurred Speech
  • Improve Memory
  • Improve My Ability to Think and Reason
  • Help I Got My Body's Balance Back
  • How I Learned How To Walk 'Straight Up' Again
  • How I Was Able to get Rid of Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction
  • How I Strengthened My Immune System

Other Success Stories to Consider

Here is the story of someone who applied my techniques and achieved fantastic results. I first met Raven over the phone. He’d read my testimony in one of the publications it was being featured in at the time, and he contacted me, asking the exact same questions, seeking the very same answers you’re looking for right now. Since then, he’s following in my footsteps, and we’ve become good friends. I’m proud to say that Raven is also reaching out to help as many people with Multiple Sclerosis as he possibly can. I know you’ll enjoy his story as much as I do. Here’s Raven…

“I was diagnosed with MS in May 2001. In a way I felt a sense of relief because now I finally knew what was wrong with me. I’d been telling everyone for over a year that something was wrong, but I didn’t know what it was. They kept saying… “you’re fine”… “you worry too much”… “if you dwell on it you’ll make it worse”. But I kept on saying something IS wrong, because I was always off balance and stumbling and even falling down. I was afraid people would think I was an alcoholic or on drugs or something like that.

As time went by I got used to coasting along the way I was. At that time I knew nothing about natural healing. Then on my birthday in 2003, my mother died, and that incident put a heavy load on everything for me. For the first time since being diagnosed I was scared, , and that led me to alternative medicine, and things I’d only read about and heard of.

I knew I could actually make significant improvements in my overall health. But the big thing was when I read Sue Ellen’s testimony. That gave me hope, and I made the decision to ‘go for it’, and began doing what she suggested I do to begin the process of reversing the MS.

When I did my first colon cleanse I noticed incredible improvements almost right away. I made the decision not to take pharmaceuticals ever again, so I tapered them down by myself and got off all those drugs.

Today I’m getting better all the time. It’s like taking baby steps towards more and more improvement. I’m able to make simple moves now with more strength, and my body is beginning to respond like it’s supposed to. I’m regaining my balance and I’m a lot stronger. I still look funny when I walk, but I know that will also improve over time.

I want other people to know that I was able to beat the MS monster, and walk away from it unscathed. This information is too precious and valuable. It can help other people with MS and change their lives, too.

Raven D.
New Hampshire

My third child was born in May, 1994 and four months later I lost the vision in my right eye. I went through extensive testing. It took three days to get a diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I was devastated. All I could picture was that my life and dreams were over.

At the time I was so scared. I did what the doctors told me to do. They put me on steroids to help control inflammation, and anti-spasmodics (baclofen) and daily injections of Betaseron to reduce the incidence and severity of exacerbations. This went on for three years.

Eventually the exacerbations started happening every three months and my body rejected the Betaseron needles…it actually pushed them out! Every time I had a flare-up it took a piece of me away. I started using an electric scooter to get around whenever I left the house.

In the third year of working with MS two very significant encounters with doctors happened. First, I was told to go out and rent a wheelchair and get used to it. And to be prepared to wear adult diapers. Then, I was having problems with my elimination system and another doctor chided me that “not all your problems are from the MS” and didn’t take me seriously. At this point I walked away from modern medicine. I wanted more for my life and realized I needed to take control of my own healing.

I started looking at all my options, and seriously explored alternative medicine. I’ve tried many things. I bought every book I thought might help.

Then one day I cried out to God to please help guide me. I had the urge to call my friend Phyllis. Phyllis told me about her friend Sue Ellen Dickinson who also had MS. She suggested that I call her as she had been following a protocol that has been working very well for her.

Since that phone call I have been following The Base line of Health. Ever since I’ve been seeing small, incremental and exciting changes almost every day! I can now control my bodily functions. No adult diapers! My energy level is up. I also can type again! My fingers are moving! The spasms are much less frequent and intense.

I felt like cleaning out the dust bunnies from my closet, the first time in a long time. I take little baby improvement steps every day. While I still use a cane and a walker, I put my electric scooter away, and am nowhere near a wheelchair! Every day life gets easier. I just have to be patient. I know in my heart I will someday walk and dance normally again.

My healing and new hope is due in large part to The Baseline of Health. I thank God every day for guiding me to Sue Ellen.

Jennifer Macfadden
Syracuse, NY


My name is Vartouhie, and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I have struggled with this disease for many years now, and my health just continued to decline until I found the Baseline of Health.

After taking the same products that Sue Ellen took to get her health back from MS (for several months now), I can finally say that I feel better. I feel normal now, just like anyone else. There is no more pain, and no weakness, no nothing. I’m OK.

And when I’m not taking medication, I feel much better. When I was hospitalized I took their medication, and it reduced me to zero. It made me feel very bad, so now I don’t take the medication anymore. I used to have muscle pain and fatigue, but I don’t have it now. I’m doing fine and feel much stronger now.

Vartouhie B.
Quebec, Canada

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis July 1 st, 2002. I have had trouble with vertigo, optic neuritis, loss of balance, severe neck pain, a “dead” feeling that moves from one limb to the next, numbness that reaches from the tips of my toes to my upper torso and double vision to name a few.

My neurologist told me there was no cure for MS and gave me a pile of literature to take home and read. The information was not very reassuring. I was very frightened for my family and our financial situation. If my condition became such that I was unable to work, there would be a huge impact to the family. Even more importantly, I wouldn’t be able to perform the tasks of a good wife and mother.

I chose to start medication that was hopefully going to keep me from having severe relapses and disability. After reading more about the medication, I knew this was not the answer to my problem. There had to be something I could do to stop relapses and live a normal life. So, I began searching on my own for the answer.

I found a special research report called “Underground Cures: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Multiple Sclerosis”. In that report, I found the answer I was searching for – the Baseline of Health program.

The program started with a full detoxification of my body. I completed a colon detox, liver detox and blood detox to remove all of the toxins and chemicals from my body. At the same time, I changed my eating habits and started to supply my body with good nutrition and exercise.

My recovery began immediately. The double vision faded; my energy level increased; my balance returned; my neck pain disappeared; and all other symptoms completely dissipated. I discontinued all medication and have not experienced a single relapse. It is truly a miracle. I don’t worry any more about relapses or disability in the future. Every day is spent sharing my experience with others and teaching people how to take back their health.

I know I will never have to experience the progression of MS that so many others have faced. I have absolutely no signs of MS and enjoy spending quality time with my family playing soccer, bowling and traveling whenever I get the chance. If you know someone who needs help, this program is a wonderful start.

T. Gannon, Colonial Heights, VA


"No More MS, My Journey Back To Life" is written in two parts, Part One and Part Two. So far, I’ve been talking about Part Two.

I know you'll find Part One very uplifting and inspiring. I decided to muster up the courage to tell the world the real, gut-wrenching, uncut, raw truth about Multiple Sclerosis and what it can do to human beings. I tell it like it is and I've held nothing back!

This is the true story of what actually happened to me. It's a tell-all, no-holes-barred behind the scenes look into the life of a victim of MS, and the real life drama that unfolded because of it, and the near death experience that pushed me towards a solution.

I'll tell you how I was able to....

  • STOP debilitating weakness
  • GET RID of painful spasms
  • STOP the numbness and tingling
  • IMPROVE memory
  • I DISCOVERED the joy of having the full use of my legs again
  • HOW I IMPROVED my vision and depth perception
  • I WOULD NEVER be embarrassed again by uncontrollable slurred speech or stuttering
  • I WOULD NEVER be afraid or embarrassed to be around others again because of unpredictable and humiliating bowel or urinary incontinence.
  • I CELEBRATED the exhilaration of my newly found gait, posture and body-balance, and never feared that I'd unjustly be mistaken for being 'inebriated' ever again.
  • I BULLET PROOFED my immune system naturally and let my body restore itself back to good health.
  • I DISCOVERED what my doctor would never tell me about an army of natural disease fighters that would become the ultimate protection
  • I FOUND OUT why I didn't have to depend on prescription drugs anymore and run the risk of contributing to more debilitating depression, anxiety and fatigue


Recommended by
Dr. Rudolph Cartwright
who is
a leading Neurosurgeon
and MS Specialist


Click on Play Button to Listen

Dr. Rudolph (“Rudy”) Cartwright is a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) with over 35 years of experience and is an expert in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

He has come to realize that the injuries he has dealt with on a daily basis — such as major trauma to the head, spinal cord, nerves, etc. — that happen during violent accidents are the same types of injuries that happen to people with MS…just over a longer period of time.

Dr. Cartwright is a researcher at heart and he continues to research the medical literature finding solutions to help those of you with MS.

He became intimately involved with MS when his daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS several years ago. Click here to read more...



So here’s the bottom line. How much is all this worth? We both know the honest truth is that you can’t put a price tag on your health, or your life. So if you’re like me, you already know the answer….it’s PRICELESS!

I’m offering you this wealth of information starting with my own personal story in Part One as a victim of Multiple Sclerosis, which I know you’ll find uplifting and inspiring.

Then in Part Two, I’ll tell you exactly how I did it, and lay out a fully detailed description in the list of answers.

Just think for a minute. Ask yourself...

  • How much money you’re already spending for visits to your doctors’ office?
  • And is there an end in sight?
  • How much are you paying for endless testing, MRI’s and prescription drugs?

Even if you have health insurance, I’ll bet your shared cost of all this is straining your budget at the seams, just like it did mine.

So ask yourself….

  • Is all this really helping me?
  • Do I feel any better?
  • Are my MS symptoms disappearing?
  • What are the real benefits that I’m getting out of all this, or am I just going around in circles and maybe even getting worse?


What if you could stop the madness and eliminate the heavy burden of all those bills and save thousands of dollars now and even thousands more in the future?

Right here in this book, I’m offering you the same information I used to get well again. And this information is coming straight from somebody who beat the odds, and has lived to tell about it! And best of all, right now, I’m running a special internet test price, making it available to you for only $47.00


PLUS! I will also give you TWO SPECIAL BONUSES ABSOLUTELY FREE! For a limited time, I will include:

Special Bonus #1

"As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen


As a SECOND FREE BONUS I'm going to give you a gift that's been around for over a century! It's content and logic still apply to each and every one of us today, and the principles are timeless. Here are some topics you'll discover in this incredible little book called.... "AS A MAN THINKETH"

  • Thought and character
  • Effect of thought on circumstances
  • Effect of thought on health and the body
  • Thought and purpose
  • The thought factor in achievement
  • Visions and ideals
  • Serenity

Special Bonus #2

My Favorite Healthy Recipes

These are my Favorite Special Recipes I’ve personally created right here at home in my own kitchen.

I love to cook, and I knew I had to prepare meals that were quick and easy, but also full of flavor and highly nutritious as well.

So I came up with these delicious, easy to fix recipes I developed around the principles of naturally, well-rounded nutrition.

These fabulous and fun recipes are yours FREE when you purchase my ebook! You’re going to love them!


Money Back GuarnateeMy 100% Iron-Clad
Money Back

I’m so convinced that if you don’t benefit in some way from the wealth of life changing information and inspiration found in my ebook, I’ll gladly refund 100% of the purchase price up to one year from the date of purchase. That’s how sure I am that you’ll be totally satisfied.

5-Easy Options to Place Your
Risk-Free Order


Option #1

Yes Sue Ellen, please let me download the ebook
version at a special internet only price of $47


Within 5 minutes of completing your order, you will receive download instructions for the ebook as well as directions for downloading your FREE bonuses.

Please Note: This order button is for the purchase of an
E-book that you can download on your computer. You WILL NOT be receiving a paperback edition in addition to this.

Option #2

Yes Sue Ellen, please ship me the
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This price includes all shipping and handling.


Your paperback version of my book will be shipped out as
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You'll be able to download the bonuses within 5 minutes.

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Yes Sue Ellen, please ship me the
2-CD Audio version of your book
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Your 2-CD audio version of my book will be shipped out as
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Yes Sue Ellen, please let me download the
Instant Download Audio version of your book

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Within 5 minutes of completing your order, you will receive download instructions for the audio version as well as directions for downloading your FREE bonuses.

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So there you have it! There’s no way you can put a dollar value on all this! $47 is a drop in the bucket compared to the life saving information you’re going to receive in my book “No More MS, My Journey Back To Life”.

Plus, I’m going to give you the two very special bonuses and a 365 day iron clad guarantee. Why wait?

Truly Yours,

Sue Ellen Dickinson

P.S. Remember that $47 for this offer is a special internet test price that I am testing, and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to continue offering this package at this price. If you or anyone you know has symptoms of MS, you owe it to yourself to get the information you need to help overcome this crippling disease.


P.S.S. Keep in mind that my offer comes with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for a period up to ONE YEAR. That means that you can acquire this information, try it out for one full year, and if you don’t show any improvement of any kind, you can get a FULL REFUND and still keep the bonuses as my way of thanking you for giving it a try.


If you have doubts about my story click here.

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