I remember it well..... 1 April 2015

Somehow it just doesn’t seem all that long ago.  You know, that wonderful carefree time of our lives that most of us look back on with fond memories,  warm hearts and sometimes misty eyes…… childhood.

Aahhh….the joys of being a youngster growing up in a world fresh with new  ideas, experiences and sensations that thrill the innocent senses of youth.  There’s nothing else like it.

BUT.  Then along comes reality.

I remember it well.  Those wonderful days growing up back on the farm in New England, and experiencing  family traditions that were passed down from one generation to the next…….but, some of them not too much fun for a kid…..especially when it was my turn. 

Like the times when I’d start to get sick.

Those old fashioned tried and true homespun health care remedies my mother and grandmother would inflict upon us children at the first sign of a cold or flu bug coming on that  threatened our wellbeing, was widespread common knowledge.

My mothers’ first call to action was to fix a cup of strong hot tea and lace it with the juice of a whole lemon, topping the magical elixir off with a couple of heaping tablespoons of honey.  She was a great believer that that was the answer to the onset of every health problem, and for the most part, Mom was right.

And then there was Gramma’s approach.  Have you ever heard of the old fashioned  mustard plaster method they used to apply directly to the chest to relieve congestion and inflammation? 

Spread the thick, pungent mixture over skin and let it dry hard like cement ….and leave it there……for a long time.   Well, after that experience, I’m convinced hands down that Gramma's homemade recipe for mustard plaster could have won first prize at the county fair for any number of reasons.

What a nightmare!

But among the top ten favorites  was the all-time classic  Gramma just couldn’t live without……cod liver oil. 

Believe me, I’ve ingested enough cod liver oil during my childhood years, that just writing  about it  makes me cringe.  But, nevertheless, I’m living proof that cod liver oil, no matter how gross I might still think it  is, actually works wonders. 

And then there was my grandfathers’ personal take on what a  natural source of healthy living should be…..fresh dandelion greens harvested straight from the front lawn, dug up with a large kitchen knife, then boiled in a big pot on the stove to absolute perfection.  Grandpa would top them off with natural sea salt and freshly churned butter and a sprinkling of cider vinegar.  Got to admit Grandpas’ steamed dandelion greens were one of my favorites, and a lot better  tasting than Grammas’ cod liver oil.

But that was all back in the good old days. Today things are different….a whole lot different.

Somewhere along the way Grammas’ blue ribbon award winning recipe for her mustard plaster mixture got lost and is gone forever.  And  forget about cod liver oil.  Once a staple in medicine chests across the country back in the day, its’ widespread popularity died out a long time ago, too.

The idea that an herbal tea combined with the natural juice of a lemon and honey has grown dim and overshadowed by the myriad of cold and flu preparations that line the shelves of our supermarkets and pharmacies.

And with all the pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else we’ve polluted our ground and water tables with, if any of us were to harvest dandelion greens from our front lawns today, and actually dare to eat them, we could possibly be looking at taking an ambulance ride to the hospital. 

OK, well…. maybe not quite that bad…. but you get the picture.

On the surface of things,  we look around and see the way our world has morphed into a muddy sea of corporate conglomerates that  look down on us as nothing more than targets of profit for their endless marketing campaigns. 

But hold on….it’s not all like that. 

Fact is, we’re actually experiencing what’s turning out to be one of largest mass movements of our lifetime.  People are hungry for information about natural healing again.  They want to go back to basics, and they’re searching for hope and answers…..and they’re finding it! 

And I know all about searching for hope and answers first hand.  Because by going back to the same kinds of things my family taught me about early on in life,  I’ve learned a very valuable lesson.  Going back to the basics, going back to nature literally saved my life.

Here’s to the good old days!


Until next time,

Sue Ellen


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