Let's Talk About It       7 April 2015

Back when I was suffering from the devastating effects of MS, I would have given anything to have been able to talk with someone who'd gone through what I was going through......

Someone who would have been willing to reach out and help me in the true spirit of compassion and caring....

Someone who would give me straight answers, so that I could better understand and deal with what was happening to me......

Someone I could relate to who would guide me through the explosive mine field of symptoms that was overtaking my life.

But unfortunately, there wasn't anyone like that available to me, and so my 'journey back to life' had to begin with my own determination to find ways to not only conquer the physical symptoms, but also to discover realistic ways to deal with my fears, depression and all kinds of obstacles that were thrown in my path.

And it was the hardest thing in life I've ever had to do.  It was a long road....it was a very tough and lonely journey, but I made it.  I did it. I succeeded and I learned a lot in the process.

So now, I want to reach out and share my knowledge and experience, in hopes that it could help make a  difference in your life.

Have you noticed that nobody talks to each other anymore?  Well, I've noticed that too, and it bothers me.....it really bothers me.

Instead, email and texting have taken the place of genuine, heartfelt, down to earth, one-on-one conversation.  And that strips  away any natural emotional investment of being able to openly communicate.....it takes away your ability to really  let your hair down in the company of someone who will closely listen, care and understand  about what you're saying, and is willing to help you get through it.

So, I want to let you know that I'm now 'opening the doors' to something brand new.

Starting now, I will be accepting private clients in what I've named 'HEARTLIGHT COACHING'.

HEARTLIGHT COACHING is one-on-one private coaching sessions (by phone) for people with MS, who want to talk about their problems and issues, and in return, recieve the opinion and seasoned experience of someone (me) who's 'been there and done that'.

We'll talk about whatever is on your mind.... whatever you need help with on subjects like.....

*  How To Overcome Your Fears

*  How To Deal With Your Symptoms

*  How To Do It All Naturally (help with diet and nutrition)

*  What Are Your Obstacles And Challenges?

*  How To Communitate With Family And Friends About Your Battle With MS (and express how you feel in ways they can understand)

*  Learning To Forgive And Overcome

*  Learning To Accept, But Never Accept Defeat

*  How To Increase Your Self Confidence and Self Esteem

*  How To Cope With Stress

*  Beating Depression

*  Why Me, God?.....Why Me?

*  Setting Goals (and how to achieve them)

*  Seeing Problems From A Different Perspective

*  How To Achieve More Satisfaction In Different Parts Of Your Life *  And Much More

As a member of HEARTLIGHT COACHING....

*  You will get a ONE HOUR long personal phone conversation with me once a week.  This will be just you and me talking on the phone about whatever's on your mind, and together we'll map out practical solutions to your problems and concerns that you can start applying right now.

*  You will have UNLIMITED email access to me as long as you're a member of HEARTLIGHT COACHING (I will always answer within 24 hours)

*  As a SPECIAL BONUS, you'll recieve a FREE copy of my cookbook Flavors Of Home.  This is an eBook that will be sent to your email address.

But, keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, nurse, therapist or licensed medical professional of any kind.  This means that I cannot address any questions about, or comment on your medical treatment, therapy or medications.  We will address real life problems, questions and concerns ONLY.

This could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for.

And I'm offering you this membership in HEARTLIGHT COACHING for Only $197 per month

Space is very limited, so please act now!

To reserve your membership in HEARTLIGHT COACHING, send an email to me at: sueellendickinson@gmail.com  and put "COACHING' in the subject line.

Include your full name, email address and phone number, and best time to call (please include your time zone)  and I will call you and finalize your membership call schedule and payment at that time.

Like I said, I would have given anything back then to have someone I could talk to and trust with my deepest concerns, and know that in return I would get honest answers from someone who truly understood what I was going through and really cared about my overall wellbeing.

I care about your overall wellbeing.....and I'm willing to help.

Let's talk about it....


Until next time,

Sue Ellen


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