Dianal's Story.... 16 June 2015

Dianal has a great attitude despite having been diagnosed years ago with MS, and having to endure the symptoms.  I love her story, because she shows us the courage and conviction to make each day count, and not look on the darker or negative side of life. 

Here's Dianal.....

I was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago. The doctors feel I had MS 7 years prior. I went for a series of tests when I to was 18 because my hands and feet went numb...came back I didn't have MS BUT When I was 6 months pregnant with my first child, I went blind for 6 weeks and then I went blind again for 3 weeks.I was sent for a MRI and it came back with the dreaded news that I did in fact have MS. My oldest son (this one) was diagnosed with MS at age 18.

I ran 2 businesses; mechanical and a fishing charter. I also managed and promoted my youngest son's magic career and no sign (fingers crossed) of Micheal having MS. Patrick is now 25 and he seems to be doing well, in spite of having the odd flare up. He is a plumber/gas fitter by trade and also a fishing guide.

I am re-married to the love of my life! Every day is a good day for me despite MS showing it's ugly head more these days. When I feel crappy, I just remember the positive things in my life and be thankful the good outweigh the bad!

Q:  Most days I find myself...

A:  Relaxing with my now husband and enjoying life. I think what I use to be able to do waaaay to much! I was very active (ex bodybuilder, dancer and swimmer) I have had to give it all up. I want to slowly see if I can do some swimming again soon.I use to believe in the "Power of Positive Thinking" but not so much any more. Being remarried has brought me new hope/love and inspiration to my life. Try to do something every day and think of the positive things in your life

Q:  Given what I know now, I would recommend others...

A:  Do what you can now because you never know what this disease will take away. It is unpredictable! Enjoy the positive things in your life!

Q:  My life has changed in this way...

A:  I had epilepsy as a child. My life changed drastically when I was diagnosed with MS. A lot of things I loved to do, I can no longer. I am remarried and loving my life!

Q:  When I'm having a bad day, I like to...

A:  Curl up with hubby and watch a movie/series on NetFlix, have hair or nails done and avoid thinking about what I can no longer do and make an effort to be proud of what I still can.

Congratulations go out to you Dianal for speaking up and sharing your inspirational outlook with us....



Until next time,

Sue Ellen


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