Nix's Story...... 23 June 2015

When I read Nix's Story, I could relate to the struggle she's facing, as many of us do.  Throughout her journey, Nix has still kept a positive attitude and a willingness to fight against the odds she faces with this monster disease.  My heart goes out to Nix, and so many others like her.....

Here is Nix's Story....

Current situation: Married, and I'm a stay-at-home mom

Back in 1992 I was diagnosed with hypoprolactin, which meant I am Infertile but some how I have fallen pregnant four times? Unfortunately only two survived. After my son was born in 2007, I went on a new drug which was mainly given to people who had Parkinson's. this also could cause a leaky heart valve. I had an Eco & an MRI done. The only thing that appeared was I seemed to have 2 shadows that had appeared on my brain which weren't there in 1992 when I
first stated having MRIs done. I was told I have traces of MS & as I felt fine then to go & enjoy life as if there was no tomorrow.

Then in 2013 I fell pregnant again, it was unexpected. At 16 weeks I miscarried. I fell down the stairs, I don't remember how & I didn't loss the baby straight away. I took this pregnancy to heart. I had all the date for the scans & it was due on my 40th of all days.

I seemed to of lost the use of my legs & the ground moved for me? It ink I was in bed for 3months, how my kids got to school, washed or fed I couldn't tell you.

After what seemed to be forever my GP sent me for another MRI. In January 2014 I was told I definately have got MS & treatment should start sooner rather than later. I was told that the pregnancy hormone & the MS hormone didn't mix well? Which caused my fall, maybe ?
My finger tips on my right hand are constantly numb, some times I get numbness going up my hand & into my arm. Some times my left hand plays up as well.

Since Christmas week 2015 I have been on Rebis, so far I am agreeing with it, no side affect.

I have joined two MS workout session at the local leisure enter, which I am finding very useful, meet other people like me.

I really want to get back to work as I gave up 11yrs ago when my daughter was born, now both kids are settled I was to get my life back on track as much as I can.

I feel for my GP as I have cried endlessly with him & he didn't know what to do for me. He still sees me now on a two month base, to make sure I am ok as I refused any counselling. I have now learnt to accept the fact I have MS & I can deal with it, I have gone through one illness where I was told I could never have children & I did! I feel for the sack of my family I have to go on.

Q:  Most days I find myself...

A:  Busy with the kids.
Some time after the workout sessions I am shattered. I am finding taking my meds at night are a lot earlier.

Q:  Given what I know now, I would recommend others...

A:  Stay active, I lived going to Zumba & in July last yr I was involved in a car cash, where my car was a right off, I stopped doing Zumba, months passed & I was desperate to get& do something. I was told about the MS workouts, I did not realised how much I stiffened up??

Q:  When I'm having a bad day, I like to...

A:  At the moment I am still coming to terms with everything.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
We salute your courage, Nix.  Stay strong in the face of adversity you're enduring, and know that we, as your brothers and sisters in this fight are here for you, and you are not alone.  We are all in this together.


Until next time,

Sue Ellen

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