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Behind the Scenes Series
"No More Prescription Drugs"
by Sue Ellen Dickinson


One of the most frequently asked questions I get is....."did you continue taking your medications along with the nutritional supplement program you started, and how long did you continue taking those prescriptions after that?"

The answer is ...."yes, I continued taking the medications my doctor prescribed without interruption at first." But once I began to see that there was a real difference in how I was beginning to feel, especially after doing my first colon detox, I made the voluntary decision that it was high time I started getting off all those drugs.

At first when I began detoxing, and taking the nutritional supplements, the improvements were so slight and subtle I thought maybe I was entering another period of remission. But after a few weeks of taking these "baby steps" in overall improvement and progressively feeling a little better and stronger, I felt the time had come for me to take deliberate action of my own, and try to get off those prescription drugs.....permanently!

I knew these pharmaceuticals were medical protocol for someone like me with MS, and my doctor prescribed them with my best interest at heart. But the truth of the matter was, that I didn't feel they were doing me any good. In fact, the side effects were awful, leaving me ( among other things) feeling dopey, drowsy, and 'out of it', like I was living life (if you could call it that) on another planet, and outside the general flow of the rest of humanity around me. 

I felt like I was dangling in a Twilight Zone kind of limbo, unable to connect properly with my natural senses. I felt isolated, and I didn't like that one single bit!

And so, with all the courage I could muster, I told my doctor what I planned to do. He knew I'd already completed the colon detox program, but now I was laying these new plans out in front of him, and I was met with a cold, icy stare of abject disapproval.

I knew these were very powerful drugs I was taking, and it wasn't a safe idea to try and get off them all by myself. I needed his help, and asked for a tapering-off schedule. After giving me the long-winded version of how I shouldn't even entertain this wild hair of an idea, he could plainly see that I meant business and wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. 

So, reluctantly, he wrote out a tapering off schedule with instructions how I could get off these medications.....slowly at first, but nevertheless, the road I needed to travel that would lead me to becoming prescription drug free!

Not only do I attribute partial success to having eventually accomplished this mammoth achievement, but also to such simple things as a change in my diet. I broke my bad habit of eating processed and prepackaged foods. Fast foods, dairy and soda pop became things of the past. 

And still today I avoid them altogether.  I eat a lot of fresh steamed vegetables and raw salads. Fish and chicken became staples in my diet, and of course I use everything that's organic as much as possible.

Along with these changes, I began detoxing my body at least twice a year. I still do that today. And, I also learned how important it is to incorporate a strict daily regimen of nutritional supplements.

So now, another question I often get is...."well, did you go back to your doctor and tell him what you did and how successful you were?"

Of course I did, but frankly, he didn't want to hear about it. Again,  I knew deep down my doctor had my best interests at heart, but he didn't want to know about anything I'd done solo on my own that produced positive results, when his methods clearly failed. His mindset was that only the list of prescription drugs he made available was the only answer to my MS problems.

I beg to differ. The bottom line is that for me the natural approach to healing ultimately worked whereas the pharmaceutical industries' chemical concoctions did not. 

I chose to walk away from that. I know I made the right decision to take the natural approach to healing...... even though I learned the hard way that everything we need to sustain life and good health has been put right here on the face of the earth. It's there for the taking.....if only we're willing to open our eyes and look for it. And then have the courage to apply it.

I'm thankful I did. And even though it wasn't easy by any measure, it was more than well worth the effort. After all, that decision ultimately gave me my health back. It gave me my life back.

Until next time,

As always,
Sue Ellen

About the Author
This article was written by Sue Ellen Dickinson who has fully recovered from her symptoms of secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and today leads a perfectly normal life. In an effort to share the information of how she did it with other MS sufferers worldwide, she has written a book “No More MS, My Journey Back To Life”. This inspiring book offers the reader hope and inspiration, what she used as a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, and can be found at her website http://www.nomorems.com .

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