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Are You Looking for the Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Read on to discover some signs and symptoms of MS that you should know about and what to ask your doctor
to get the right diagnosis.

From: Sue Ellen Dickinson

Sue Ellen Now - No More MS
If you’ve been searching for information about what the early symptoms of  MS can be, then you’re not alone and you’ve definitely come to the right place.

People the world over are seeking answers as Multiple Sclerosis reaches what some say are already epidemic proportions in parts of the world.

The truth is that MS is insidious, and can be difficult to diagnose.  That was certainly true in my case, and with other people I know who’ve also suffered from this monster disease.

Have you experienced such things as….….

  • Sudden weakness in your arms and legs?
  • Difficulty walking?
  • Blurred vision and photophobia?
  • Chronic fatigue?
  • Debilitating muscle weakness, especially in the legs?
  • Painful muscle spasms?
  • Loss of balance?
  • Slurred speech?
  • Loss of depth perception?
  • Short term memory loss?
  • And more…..

It’s crucial to know and understand that only a qualified doctor can properly diagnose and examine the presence of Multiple Sclerosis.  And it’s equally important to ask your doctor questions like …….

“What is an MRI?  And will you recommend that I have one?”

“What is the myelin sheath and how does it effect the progression of MS?”

“What will happen to my general health over time if I do have MS? 

“Will I eventually become disabled?”

“Will I need to use a cane, walker or be confined to a wheelchair someday?”

“Are pharmaceutical drugs the only answer to treating MS that you have to offer me?”

“Will these drugs you prescribe reverse the symptoms of MS and make them go away? 

“Could I lead a healthy normal life again someday?  And how can I make that happen?”

“Will I ever be bedridden because of MS?”

“Is this a death sentence?”

Here I am in the death grip of MS.I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the ‘relapsing remitting stage’.  Then, a few years later I progressed into the ‘secondary progressive stage’.  My doctor gave me a death sentence, basically saying  ‘there’s nothing more I can do for you.  I suggest you go home, get your affairs in order because you don’t have that much longer to live’.  He sent me home to die.  I refused to believe him.  I knew there had to be another way, and it turns out I was right.

There was another way, and I’ve lived to tell you about it.

I wrote a book that spans my experience from beginning to end, and outlines in detail exactly how I was able to reverse this devastating disease and today live a normal, symptom free life.

And just maybe this information can help you, too.

I’m not a doctor or licensed professional of any kind, and I never will be.  I’m an ordinary, everyday kind of person, just like you.  Perhaps the only difference between us is that I’m someone who has lived through the experience of having ‘had’ Multiple Sclerosis, and completely reversed it. 

And now I  want to share that information with you and tell you exactly how I did it. 

If you or someone you love think you might be suffering from the early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, then I strongly urge you to take action now by getting a qualified medical opinion.  Only by doing that will you  be able to get the concrete test results and knowledge that you need to face whatever may lie ahead for you in the future.

To find out more about how I was able to reverse the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, stop the progression of this devastating disease and today lead a perfectly normal life…………… CLICK HERE!

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